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Innovative systems and solutions for Education  

Inclusion+ Empowers Educators, Organizations, & Students with Cutting Edge AI Solutions

At Inclusion+ we are not just offering solutions; we are reimagining education through technology, putting students and efficiency at the forefront. With our AI-driven systems, your school district can navigate complex challenges confidently, optimize resources, and provide an exceptional education to every student.

Our comprehensive network of experts, databases, and AI systems empowers school districts to address the unique challenges faced by students with special education needs or those from impacted communities.

By leveraging our successful experience, resources, and streamlined processes, districts can make immediate improvements, including engagement, while reducing training time and cost. We are dedicated to providing the necessary tools, training, and support to ensure every student receives the quality education they deserve, regardless of their circumstances.

Together, we can create an inclusive and equitable learning environment that sets students, parents, staff, and administrators up for success.

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We Are Professional Education Consultants with Cutting Edge AI Solutions

Our team of educators, engineers, business developers, psychologists, speech language pathologists, and occupational therapists have created a collaborative system to improve education and use technology to accelerate learning and inclusion. This drives down cost and time to help districts achieve statewide and district goals.

Successful Districts 98%
Successful Implementation 91%

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Get top Education and strategy consulting services tailored For You

Training and Support Systems

Staff development is key to educational excellence. Our AI training and support systems deliver personalized, on-demand training, and resources that empower educators to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Parent & Family Learning

We offer learning opportunities for families.

Inclusion, Equity, Diversity

Our AI systems design inclusive learning environments that break down barriers regardless of background. Our systems ensure that every student, receives an educational experience that promotes inclusion.

We Are Here To Help Improve Systems Tailored For You!

Our dedicated team and AI systems are here to support you in crafting, assessing, and implementing effective structures tailored to your unique goals.

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A new approach to Sped and Ai

We Develop Systems and Training To Help You Operate More Efficiently

We leverage technology, innovation, and expert knowledge to create fully customized, results-driven solutions that optimize outcomes while minimizing consulting costs. As educators, we empathize with budget constraints and operational issues, consistently achieving impressive school changes within weeks of implementing our strategies and training.

Better Evaluation of Systems and Structures

Cutting Edge AI Solutions

A Comprehensive Multi-Tiered Plan

Strategies for Administrators

Get an Easy Step-by-Step Process to Reach Your Goals

How Our Process Works


Schedule an Introduction Call

Meet with our team of experts to explore the power of collaboration in achieving your objectives.


Establish a Strategic Plan of Support

Learn about our teams recommendation for strategic partnership work.


Implement New Strategies and Monitor Results.

We optimize cost-effectiveness by developing goal-oriented systems that deliver results while staying budget-conscious


Meet your Goals with our System, Training, and Planning.

After launching our systems, we conduct ongoing surveys and tracking to offer quick feedback for result-driven adjustments.

No Cost Initial Consult

Learn More About Our Experts and Systems With an Introductory Meeting

Get a tailored made solution for your school that meets everyone needs!

Get innovative solutions for your School or district

Our team partners with you to provide steps to help you thrive and succeed.

We are Successfully Helping Districts and families To impove SPED with new AI Innovative Systems

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