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About Us

Inclusion+ empowers educators and families with innovative AI solutions and educational expertise. Through the integration of advanced machine learning, expert insights, and collaborative partnerships, we drive transformative change in educational spaces. 

Our mission is to support you in creating, evaluating, and implementing efficient systems and structures that align with your goals.

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We Are Professional Education Consultants with Cutting-Edge AI Solutions

Successfull Clients 98%
System Improvements 85%

Our Mission

Inclusion+ is an educational consultant technology firm dedicated to improving systems and structures for all students and school communities.

We are committed to partnering with organizations that have a shared mission for improving our school systems and disrupting predictable outcomes for our nations most vulnerable students.

We meet you exactly where you are, ready to collaborate, strategize, and seamlessly bring your plans to life.

Our Founder

Hello, I'm Dr. Amanda Goll, CEO of Inclusion+. With 10 years of experience in education, I've held various roles such as teacher, Coach, Assistant Principal, and Principal. Recently, I completed my Doctorate in Educational Leadership at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education.

My deep passion lies in improving schools and communities for students, educators, and families. Inclusion+ was born from my belief in prioritizing our most vulnerable students, specifically those with IEPs, to create beneficial systems and structures for everyone involved.

Coming from the Bay Area, I've witnessed the transformative impact of technology. I'm excited about leveraging AI to bring sustainable changes to education.


We Partner with You To Improve Systems & Structures Across Your Organization

Inclusion+ collaborates closely with organizations, forging powerful partnerships to enhance systems and structures in specific areas requiring improvement.

Our approach involves leveraging the synergy of AI technology and educational experts from various sectors to develop solutions that yield improved outcomes for students in need of substantial support. By prioritizing the most vulnerable population initially, the ripple effect extends to benefit the entirety of your organization.

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Customized solutions based on your organization's needs

Get personalized attention 

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68% reduction in training and consulting costs

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Unlock the power of streamlined systems and structures that foster enhanced meaningful inclusion and minimize contentious cases.

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Increased New Learning & Skill Implementation

Our solutions support professional learning and implementation.

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